October 27, 2010
Art Of Kinetik

Hedonist or Mazokist? Art of Kinetik’s aim is to create the truest expressions of art and science… inspiring!

October 3, 2010
Gareth Pugh S/S 2011

Gareth Pugh S/S 2011 Collection - Director: Ruth Hogben from SHOWstudio on Vimeo.

Stunning S/S 2011 collection By Gareth Pugh.

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September 27, 2010
Luv Deluxe

Cinnamon Chasers - Luv Deluxe (Music Video) from Saman Keshavarz on Vimeo.

Lovely video by Saman Keshavarz for the Cinnamon Chasers. Bonnie & Clyde in 2010.

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August 9, 2010
"Cars" with cars

June 21, 2010
Aquatic Clair Obscur

Imaginative underwater photography by Nadia Moro.

June 7, 2010
Cantina 2010

Snoop Vs Ian Brown Vs Daft Punk Vs Beckham Vs Star Wars Crew = Cantina 2010.
Watch out with those laserguns!

April 29, 2010
Nike Music Shoe

Combine a Nike Free Run+ Shoe, sensors, and some clever codes and you can run with music in your shoes.
Tomoaki Yanagisawa of 4nchor5 la6 did all the hardware, sensors,.. and Daito Manabe of rhizomatiks did the sound programming with Max.

Think I gonna try them, it could give my running exercise a big boost.
Here’s the ad, and a lovely making of:

April 19, 2010

Slayer - Beauty through order from More Soon on Vimeo.

Pretty insane and new video for Slayer. Made by the genius Carl Burgess of More Soon.

April 9, 2010
Projection on buildings

Can’t believe this a projection. But, yes, ..this is real.

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March 9, 2010
Let Go

jj “Let Go” from aufgemischt! on Vimeo.

The new JJ album is out, also a video for the song ‘Let Go’.
Don’t forget to visit the Sincerely Yours site, for their exclusive boutique.

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