August 9, 2010
"Cars" with cars

June 7, 2010
Cantina 2010

Snoop Vs Ian Brown Vs Daft Punk Vs Beckham Vs Star Wars Crew = Cantina 2010.
Watch out with those laserguns!

April 29, 2010
Nike Music Shoe

Combine a Nike Free Run+ Shoe, sensors, and some clever codes and you can run with music in your shoes.
Tomoaki Yanagisawa of 4nchor5 la6 did all the hardware, sensors,.. and Daito Manabe of rhizomatiks did the sound programming with Max.

Think I gonna try them, it could give my running exercise a big boost.
Here’s the ad, and a lovely making of:

February 1, 2010

A performance in Muhka Antwerpen, between Tim Vanhamel (Millionaire, Disko Drunkards) and Philip Metten.
Damn, I missed it.

October 16, 2009
Yellow Magic Orchestra

Bring Japan, 70’s, and electronic music together and you have Yellow Magic Orchestra.A big inspiration for the Detroit Techno artists like, Derrick May, Jeff Mills,…
This pretty song called ‘Technopolis’

October 16, 2009
Surf Solar

The new - GENIUS - album ‘Tarot Sport’, Fuck Buttons.

September 25, 2009
Air: Sing Sang Sung

New song & video for the upcoming album of Air.
Please follow the black ball.

September 16, 2009
Vermin Twins

Vermin Twins, a project from the little sister of Tim Vanhamel ( Millionaire, Disko Drunkards). Here with pretty cover version of ‘I want yr sex’ (George Michael).

June 15, 2009
Warp 20

Must have.

June 8, 2009
Red Bull Elektropedia

Go to the Red Bull Elektropedia site for early footage, flyers, T’s,…of the Belgian club/electronic scene. Red Bull Elektropedia, is the place were you can blog, upload,…

Above one of my favourites in Belgian electronic music, Cj Bolland, working in his studio for the Belgian (brilliant) label R&S.

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